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I had the pleasure of interviewing Jeremy and Michelle Hoffman, the owners of downtown Annapolis’s new restaurant Preserve opening this Spring. A new chef is in town and we are so excited he’s here!  Check out their latest details from the Annapolis Visitors Center here:

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Renovations Underway

Renovations Underway

Things have been moving right along for Jeremy and Michelle Hoffman, the husband and wife team and co-founders of Preserve restaurant.  Historic Annapolis is in for a tasty treat when Preserve opens their much anticipated culinary doors this spring. I recently met up with Jeremy and Michelle in Preserve’s new space, at 164 Main Street, to talk about their progress and see firsthand how their vision is beginning to take shape.  I’m so excited to share their latest updates!

They walked me through the newly cleared space and eagerly shared details and plans for Preserve’s ongoing renovation.  As you can see from the photos, they have beautiful exposed brick walls that will line the restaurant and complement their color scheme of coal, pale yellow and green.  Michelle and Jeremy put so much thought into every visual detail, creating space that will offer a complete dining experience.

Their cheerful mosaic vetrazzo top counter will help set the tone for a cheery bar environment that will serve fresh-squeezed and, get this, pressed juices daily!  Your Vitamix can take the day off while you go relax and watch them make it for you.  Winning!  Or, maybe you are in search of some creatively original and refreshing cocktails. Look no further: They will be serving several versions of classic cocktails with a Preserve twist!

The approach to their specialty cocktail menu is a seasonal one.  As a new season begins and the latest produce becomes available, Preserve plans to offer a variety of refreshing beverages so you’ll always have a chance to try something new.  And here’s something I think you’ll like; I know I do. If you’ve ever had a hard time deciding what cocktail you should try, fear not. Preserve will offer a unique menu that makes drink selection a breeze.  Specialty cocktails will be broken down by spirit category.  For example, if you are in the mood for a gin-based cocktail, you simply look to the gin section on the menu, decide which of their gin concoctions most appeals to you and, voila! They’ve made drink selection simplistic so you can focus on the conversation (or how unbelievably good the food is) instead of fretting over which cocktail to choose.


New space renovation in progress

New space renovation in progress

Whether it’s a family outing, a date night or a business meeting, Preserve wants you to come enjoy a neighborhood experience with deliciously approachable food and a changing menu that will keep everyone’s attention. One of the reasons the Hoffman’s chose Annapolis as home to their new endeavor is because of its family feel, so it only makes sense that Preserve will be kid-friendly. They plan to offer a kids’ menu with selections such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as well as organic chicken nuggets. Looking for a great place to meet friends late night? You’ve found it! Preserve will be serving 11am – 11pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays; 11am – 1am on Friday and Saturdays; and Sundays, 10am – 9pm.  On Sundays they will also be serving brunch (woohoo!! Menu still developing) until 2:30pm.
But wait, that’s not all; I have more good news to share. During Preserve’s first month of business, Annapolis’s new neighborhood-friendly restaurant is offering a Shop and Dine local promotion that will offer 10 percent off with a receipt of $50 or more from any of the local retail Annapolis stores.

Supporting local business is very important to Preserve and they have invested their time and effort to form relationships with local vendors who will not only supply them with produce, dairy, meats, coffee and local wines but also decorations for the space. In fact, their cool USA-made barstools, as well as other local crafts and furnishings, were purchased on Etsy (love this about them!). At every turn, Jeremy and Michelle have made sure their small space is inviting and packed with character.

Preserve plans to begin its search for employees during the first and second weeks of April.  In addition to hiring, they are going to offer employees a two-week specialty training on service style, demonstrating another one of the extra steps they take to ensure patrons will enjoy their Preserve experience.  If you are interested in applying, please contact Preserve.

Looking forward to seeing you at Preserve!


The band had nothing to do with these photos, but I loved them in college.  I took this series of photos when I was visiting the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, just south of downtown Miami.  I fell in love with the story of James Deering.  What a renaissance man.  He put so much thought and passion into every detail of Vizcaya, I didn’t ever want to leave and look forward to my return.  Photos can’t come close to revealing it’s greatness, you’ll just have to go and see for yourself.  Trust me on this one, you’ll be glad you did.  Until you do, enjoy the roots.




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